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Security Systems

The electronics security division of EXPERTSGROUP® Expert Safety Systems is engaged in providing, installing and maintaining security system devices for not only high end, but also medium and low end requirements. The Division is manned by security professionals with in-depth knowledge of electronic security systems.

Strong expertise in innovative, customized and futuristic electronic security processes along with our proven capabilities in the installation and servicing of the state of the art of electronic security systems makes us an ideal source to meet your requirements.

Various researches have shown that the majority of break-ins or other disturbances are done on premises which do not have any type of electronic alarm device. Furthermore, a home or an office or any place of people’s movement without a security system is 2 to 3 times more likely to be invaded. Whether you want protection for your home or business, the Expert Security Systems Division offers cost-effective integrated security systems to help you achieve maximum security at minimum cost. The range of electronic security devices offered includes computerized security system for access control, Biometric Security Automation System, Building Management System, Remote Area Surveillance, CCTV, Time Lock, Electronic Fire Detection, Fire / Burglar Alarm system and Turnstile doors, Door Frame Metal Detectors.

Highly sophisticated and versatile, each systems device helps in surveillance and movement control even in rough weathers and odd hours. Devised with an eye on the future, each systems device can be upgraded with relative ease from time to time. Quality installation is of prime importance in satisfactory working of any security system. We have a team of proficient installers who would ensure the right implementation of the systems for a trouble free operation. In addition, they can even customize the systems to best suit the client's requirement.

Expert Safety Systems
 devices have been installed successfully in several Government and Private companies, Banks, Showrooms, Malls, Convention Centres, etc.

Secure your home or business or any public place with security systems of Expert Safety Systems