ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
Training Academy - EISSM

EXPERTSGROUP® Training division, Expert Institute of Security & Safety Management (EISSM) an ISO 9001: 2008 QMS certified Institute offers dynamic career-oriented training courses designed to create highly competent security professionals. The course curriculum has been meticulously designed, with the tools and techniques imparted in the courses validated by security experts both from India and abroad.

Traning Modules
Security Management Programme for Security Officers / Asst Security Officers /Guards
  • physical training
  • introduction to security
  • access control
  • effective communications
  • electronic alarm systems
  • field notes and report writing
  • fire fighting, fire prevention and detection
  • hazardous material
  • patrolling techniques
  • first aid
  • explosive devices, bomb threats, and search devices
Security Management Programme for Security Officers / Asst Security Officers /Guards
  • emergency planning
  • observations techniques
  • employee dishonesty
  • internal threats to an organization
  • security planning
  • investigations
  • terrorism and executive protection
  • traffic control
  • strikes, employee unrest and labor relations
  • drug abuse
  • observations techniques
  • explosive devices, bomb threats, and search devices
  • crowd control and management
  • managing of disruptive persons
Armed Guards Training
  • handling of weapons.
  • proper storage and cleaning procedures.
  • basic shooting skills
  • shooting positions & marksmanship
  • safety of weapons
  • patrolling techniques
  • fire fighting, fire prevention and detection
  • first aid
  • explosive devices, bomb threats, and search devices.
Corporate Security Executives Training Programm
  • insight CCTV
  • electronics surveillance system
  • electronic security systems
  • physical security management
  • investigation & interrogation
  • iED & bomb threat management.

Training Module for Management Development
Management development programme, specially tailored to suit the business and security needs of the corporate industry, covers risk mitigation and its importance, basic skills like patrolling and knowledge of arms and explosives supplemented by special training in strategic skills involving areas of information security, business continuity planning & specialized professional training.

Shooting – Short Range 50 mm
Proper loading and unloading, proper storage and cleaning procedures, basic shooting skills, proper grip, shooting positions & marksmanship and gun safety & handling

Fire Safety
Fire safety courses covers topics like response to fire emergencies, fire-fighting, handling hazardous materials, preparing written & verbal reports on fire hazards and violations, etc.

Communication Protocol
A comprehensive curriculum that includes vital skill-building topics like leadership & communication skills, customer service, preparing for emergencies, managing and handling crisis & assessing risks and fire safety methods.

The trainees also get to acquire important attributes, which include physical fitness, mental agility, greater versatility and multi-tasking skills in fundamentals related to Security Management and Intelligence. 

EISSM offers state of art training infrastructure with spacious and well equipped class rooms and facilities to project security training films and other training aids meant for imparting contemporary security training. Excellent outdoor and indoor games facilities are also available.